Request Management

  • Add, edit and delete requests for loans and photocopies
  • Track request progress
  • Send requests using email or print reports for fax and post
  • British Library ARTEmail format supported
  • Transfer item details to main catalogue
  • Print copyright declaration forms
  • Library costs and charges to borrowers

Lending Libraries

  • Set-up multiple lending libraries
  • Enter library codes, loan periods, account numbers, passwords, etc.


  • Loan items to borrower
  • Return items and check overdue loans


  • Borrower and lending library reports
  • Overdue reports and automatic email reminders

Interlibrary Loans – Benefits

  • Improve efficiency
  • Keep track of borrowing from multiple libraries
  • Systematic recall
  • Reduce fines for overdue returns
  • Automated system cuts down on paperwork
  • Analyse frequent requests to consider purchasing the item
  • The ability to transfer details to main catalogue cuts down on duplication
  • Uses up-to-date technology to communicate with users


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