The web OPAC is the browser based user interface for KnowAll that is highly configurable and easy to integrate with your intranet or website. It has the following features:

  • Browser based interface – simple to use
  • Simple search – with automatic truncation
  • Advanced search – with phrase searching or Boolean logic
  • Relevancy ranking and other sorting options
  • Narrow search results by media, e.g. book, journal, CD
  • Narrow search results by office, branch or campus
  • Narrow search results by subject
  • Narrow search results by author
  • Tag items for printing
  • Book jacket images
  • Hyperlinks to documents and web pages
  • Browse by subjects
  • User reviews
  • Automated topic alerts
  • Self loan and self-return options
  • ‘Ask me’ link to library staff
  • Library info page
  • View new titles
  • Borrower enquiry
  • Reservations
  • Research enquiry form
  • Configurable for your intranet or web site
  • Combined searching of library catalogue, knowledge, and research enquiries

We are adding new functions all the time – if you don’t see what you want please ask us for more information.

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